Summit Beard Oil 1oz

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Summit Beard Oil 1oz

You're walking through the Maine wilderness. You're surrounded by pine trees and the air is fresh. You begin your ascent.  As the trail gets steep the smell of the pine trees fades and the crisp air takes over.  All your hard work pays off as you crest the final push. The summit rewards you for your efforts!  Our summit rewards your senses with balsam fir, marjoram and lavender with hints of cedar. Take a journey to the summit. The feeling is priceless. 

Bad Dog Beard Co. beard oils are made from top of the line carrier oils. We utilize a combination of argan, jojoba, and coconut oil. There is no cheap filler in our oil.  These oils will soften, condition, and repair your beard.  Your beard and face will thank you and so will your significant other!

Start your day off with confidence that you have the best looking and smelling beard possible. Leave others around you wondering how you do it. Simply put, have a great beard day, every day!

Our 1 ounce oil comes in an amber Boston round glass. We use a dropper style top so you can easily dispense your desired amount of oil with no waste. 

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