IPA Beard Balm 2oz

Bad Dog Beard Co.

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IPA Beard Balm 2oz

The IPA scent is derived entirely from hop essential oil. We used cascade hops to give our balm a true IPA aroma. Citrus, pine, and resin make up a complex scent that any man who loves an IPA will truly appreciate. A must if your significant other likes IPA as well! Sit back relax and bask in IPA hoppy goodness. 

Bad Dog Beard Co's IPA beard balm is the ultimate in beard care. Our balm utilizes argan, jojoba, and coconut carrier oils. These top of the line oils will naturally soften, condition, and repair your beard. The oils are paired with shea butter to enhance the conditioning with a long lasting effect. Just the right amount of bees wax is added to give you styling hold all day long.

Start your day off with confidence that you have the best looking and smelling beard possible. Leave others around you wondering how you do it. Simply put, have a great beard day, every day!

Our 2 ounce balm comes in a rust proof screw top tin. It is perfect for use at home or for travel. Beard confidently anywhere you may roam.

This product is scented with natural oils.