Black Absinthe Beard Butter 2oz

Bad Dog Beard Co.

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Black Absinthe Beard Butter 2oz

Black Absinthe is a mixture of black currant and absinthe. Together they have a suble sweetness. The cologne gives the scent a solid backbone. This is one of our strongest scents with lots of lasting power sure to impress everyone around you. 

Bad Dog Beard Co's Black Absinthe beard butter is the ultimate in beard conditioning. Our butter contains a double threat of Shea butter and Murumuru butter. In addition to the butters is a perfect blend of argan and coconut oil with just a touch of bees wax.  This blend is a super soft concoction which will leave your beard softer and with more elasticity than ever before.  

Our 2 ounce butter comes in a sealed 2 oz amber jar.  The one time use seal will ensure safe travel from our shop to your door.  Please make sure to let your butter cool to room temperature on a flat and level surface prior to opening.  Butter will liquify at higher temperatures and is best kept cool.

Start your day off with confidence that you have the best looking and smelling beard possible. Leave others around you wondering how you do it. Simply put, have a great beard day, every day!


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