Frequently asked questions.


Q: My oil has solidified what do I do?

A: Our oils contain coconut oil which solidifies at cool temperatures.  To get the oil back into a liquid state put the dropper back into the bottle and make sure its tight.  Holding the bottle by the top run the entire bottle under warm water until it turns clear again.  This will not affect the quality of your product or the scent profile.


Q: I got an email saying my item has shipped but the tracking hasn't updated.

A: It can take time from the moment the label is created until it is scanned into the USPS system.  Check back again later or set up notifications from USPS to be informed of updates on your tracking.


Q: Do you use essential oils or fragrance oils in your products.

A: Both.  Most of our products are scented with essential oil blends.  Some have a mixture of both essential oils and fragrance oils.  Products will have their scent profile ingredients listed in their product page.