How to use Beard Balm

Jeff Doughty

I get a lot of questions about how I maintain such a well groomed beard.  It's always incredibly flattering!  Honestly, those compliments never get old.  One of the biggest secrets is using beard balm.  I cannot tell you how many guys I run into who say they aren't using any products at all or have never even heard of beard balm or oil.  GUYS!  Grooming products aren't just for the ladies.  Here's a little secret... not only are you going to love how your beard looks, feels and smells with some top quality products in it... your significant other, or prospective endeavor is going to love it too!  Beard balm specifically is going to condition your beard.  That conditioning will make your beard much softer and also easier to manage.  Balm also has holding properties which will keep it in place all day.  This hold is especially important on humid days where the moisture in the air makes your beard want to frizz out.  So without further ado here is a video I put together showing just how easy it is to use beard balm.  For a full beard routine check out my other blog post entitled "My full beard routine"


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