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How to use Beard Balm

Jeff Doughty

I get a lot of questions about how I maintain such a well groomed beard.  It's always incredibly flattering!  Honestly, those compliments never get old.  One of the biggest secrets is using beard balm.  I cannot tell you how many guys I run into who say they aren't using any products at all or have never even heard of beard balm or oil.  GUYS!  Grooming products aren't just for the ladies.  Here's a little secret... not only are you going to love how your beard looks, feels and smells with some top quality products in it... your significant other, or...

My Full Beard Routine (and how to fix a wavy or curly beard)

Jeff Doughty

Hey guys!  I recently uploaded my full beard routine to YouTube.  It goes over everything I do in the morning to get my beard ready for the day.  My routine takes about 5 minutes or less.  Let me walk you through step by step how to achieve a really great looking beard.  Best of all it's really easy.  You can watch the video in full right here!          

Bad Dog Beard Co. Review by DanCBearded!

Jeff Doughty

DanCBearded was all praise in his review of Bad Dog.  Watch for yourself as Dan and his wife review our pricing, scents, and product feel.  We couldn't be happier with the review!